MPs Covid Response (or lack thereof)

Over recent weeks the social media feeds of most MPs (certainly all Lib Dem MPs) have shown the very detailed work they are doing to map exactly what is going on with Covid-19 vaccination in their constituency. You can read about how they are acting to ensure that bottlenecks for vaccination are addressed. You can read the letters they are writing to the Secretary of State for Health which precisely describe what’s working, what’s not working so well and what needs to happen next.

Last week Sir Ed Davey won his battle to ensure that voluntary carers who need to be vaccinated to carry out their caring were added to the category of carers eligible for early vaccination.

Meanwhile Mark Jenkinson MP’s social media feed shows a constant trail of attempts to associate him and the Conservative party with positive things which have happened that he clearly had nothing to do with. The announcement of the accreditation of the Moderna vaccine with a Conservative logo on it was typical. Mark also shared his Radio Cumbria Interview where he launched a profoundly disturbing attack on Mike Zeller. There was still no evidence of Mark doing any normal constituency work at all.

The news coverage of the storming of the Capitol Building in Washington brought to life how damaging this kind of politics is.

No Conservative Councillor in the Workington Constituency should be prepared to associate themselves with the kind of politics Mark Jenkinson practices. They should either sort him and his office out or they should not stand as Conservatives until he is gone.

Rebecca Hanson
County Councillor (Cockermouth North)

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