Support Our Local Primary Schools

I had hoped that my letter (T&S 31 Dec) which raised concerns about Mark Jenkinson MP’s habit of launching toxic political attacks, rather than representing the views and needs of his constituents, would be a wake-up call to him.

I was therefore holding my head in my hands in despair last weekend when he launched a blistering attack on Cumbria County Council for stating that it would offer support to primary school heads who were struggling to reopen for all children this week.

I was greatly heartened to see that Mark Jenkinson MP’s Facebook page was swamped with comments criticising his conduct. Thank you West Cumbria! Please do keep going. We need to do absolutely everything we can to help our MP to begin to understand that when he accuses others of political messaging and inciting panic in cases where they are very clearly just trying to navigate incredibly stressful situations, his behaviour is absolutely unacceptable.

Rebecca Hanson

County Councillor (Cockermouth North)

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