An Election campaign like no other.

We are coming to the end of a General Election campaign like no other. The absolutely vital issues in
Copeland, such as the future of our Health and Care services; the possible downgrading of the West
Cumberland Hospital; the desperate difficulties which will be faced by many schools; all these have been
overshadowed by too many over-riding questions about Mrs May, and her hard and negative attitude as
she sets out to determine our future relationship with our European neighbours.

Do not be misled into thinking that only the Conservatives can provide this country and this constituency
of Copeland with a positive and successful way forward. The Tory record on managing the NHS and our
Education service is appalling. And their headlong rush to cut our country off in every way from Europe,
such as reneging on the Euratom arrangements, is utterly wrong.

Our health and care services are in crisis. Schools are facing further massive cuts in funding. Yet this is the
sixth richest country in the world. At the heart of these problems lies the unwillingness of the government
to work towards a fairer society, with a level of taxation right across the community which will fund proper
public services.

The Lib Dems are absolutely committed to making life better and fairer for everyone. Only the Lib Dems
have a credible and costed plan to properly fund our public services and to fix their underlying problems.
Only the Lib Dems are fighting hard to limit the damaging effects of Brexit.

It has been a privilege to work with so many outstanding people in local schools, and in the ongoing
campaign to save proper services at West Cumberland Hospital. I have spent many years working hard
both professionally and personally to make things better. As your member of Parliament I could do so
much more. This election has not been just about one person, our Prime Minister, athough she has tried to
make it so. It is about all of us, the people, our Copeland community and our future together.

Rebecca Hanson
(West Cumbria Liberal Democrats).
Published and promoted by Roger Putnam on behalf of Rebecca Hanson (Liberal Democrats) at Bower Bank, Irton, HOLMROOK, Cumbria CA19 1TD

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