Trouble in Copeland

West Cumbria Liberal Democrats Press Release.

Trudy Harrison Failing in Copeland

Trudy Harrison is failing in her bid to be ‘Copeland’s Strong Voice’ because she doesn’t understand the issues.

She is angering voters by announcing road improvements which are not in her constituency and writing to people encouraging them to vote Conservative instead of responding to her own constituents’ issues.

Elizabeth Barraclough, West Cumbria Liberal Democrats’ Chair said:

“In her first two months as MP, the ‘’ website reported that Trudy did not speak in any debates, attend any committee meetings or contribute to any early day motions.  Meanwhile the MP for Stoke (who was elected at the same time) spoke 19 times in debates, supported 3 early day motions and attended 6 committee meetings. Trudy’s maiden speech contained no information about how she intends to address any of the issues Copeland faces.

“The Conservatives were clearly desperate for a candidate during the Copeland by-election and can’t have done the usual checks.

“Copeland needs an MP who understands how to sort out Copeland’s unique nuclear, NHS, education and infrastructure issues.

“Liberal Democrats warned Trudy that the government’s own official advice was that it is not necessary to leave the Euratom agreement as part of Brexit, that it is not realistic to make alternative arrangements in 2 years and that leaving Euratom will cause tremendous damage to our nuclear industry.  The press reported Trudy’s announcement that it would be fine to leave Euratom if we set up a UK nuclear regulator. She had failed to notice that we have a respected nuclear regulator even though the official advice to the government was given by that regulator.   Unfortunately this is typical for Trudy.  She doesn’t understand the issues.

“We need to work together to make sure voters can elect a strong MP for Copeland.  We would welcome conversations with other parties.”


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