Phill Roberts (Chair of West Cumbria Liberal Democrats) writing in the Whitehaven News today


Prior to, during and after the recent elections much was reported about the demise of the Liberal Democrat party however I can assure your readers that the Liberal Democrat Party is alive and kicking and continuing the fight for a fairer, stronger and more equal society

Liberal democrats are committed to fighting for a fairer stronger economy and this includes addressing massive inequalities in our financial, health and education systems.

Income inequality is a disaster for everyone in society and there is evidence that we have become a low paid bargain basement economy over the past decade.

Liberal democrats are therefore taking steps to rebalance the economy when they can get the legislation past the conservatives!

Liberal Democrats in government have ensured that the tax threshold has been increased to £10,000 lifting 2million low earners from paying tax completely and giving a sizable tax cut to another 22million putting up to £800 back in peoples pockets however there remains much to be done to ensure that we are “all in this together”!

A society that gives huge pay rises to bankers and executives whilst freezing real wages for lower paid people is simply unfair and unjust. I would therefore urge people, as many Liberal Democrats already do, to support the campaign for a living wage.

Liberal democrats have also ensured that children between the ages of 5 and 7 will benefit from free Schools meals from September 2014 saving families up to £430 per child.

Liberal Democrats have already made it possible for all 3 and 4 year old children in Cumbria, and throughout the country, to have up to 15hrs free education, in addition the £2.5 Billion Pupil premium has helped those children who need extra support in school. School leavers are benefiting from the creation of 1.8 million apprenticeships since 2010.

Many Liberal Democrats, including Tim Farron, are also fighting to review and scrap the spare room subsidy, known as the bedroom tax. Clearly we need a National Housing Policy that addresses the needs of local communities.

On a more positive note Liberal Democrats have ensured up to £250 for carers to have a break from their caring responsibilities. Carers are clearly on the Liberal Democrat agenda for future support

There are many other areas where the Liberal Democrats in government are working on the behalf of communities to ensure a fairer stronger society, come and join us!

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Phill Roberts (Chair, Copeland & Workington Liberal Democrat Party)


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