Rebecca takes on the Dragons

Dragons Den 1

Rebecca Hanson has reported that her journey into the ‘Dragon’s Den for Policy’ at the Liberal Democrats spring conference was “everything she hoped it would be”.

“I had 3 minutes to speakĀ and then 7 minutes for intensive questions” said Hanson.

“To understand the policy it was essential the questions were intelligent and focused, which they were.”

“David Laws (Schools Minister) and Tim Farron MP (Liberal Democrats Party President) asked particularly challenging and important questions.”

Dragons Den 3

Other dragons included Julian Huppert MP (front), Tessa Munt MP, Lorely Burt MP, Jeremy Brown MP and Simon Wright MP (PPS to Nick Clegg).

Hanson has been promised feedback soon but it seems the final contents of the 2015 manifesto won’t be revealed for a while yet.

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