West Cumbria Liberal Democrats Success Regime Response

The full text of West Cumbria Liberal Democrats Group response to the Success Regime Consultation is available here:


It concludes:

West Cumbria Liberal Democrats find this consultation fatally flawed. Taken at face value most people would vote Option 1 throughout as it is the least bad of the options. What is missing is the context of the consultation, including; the risk assessment of the expected impact of changes, the financial aspects and the relation to other services, particularly social care in the community. We cannot accept that lives will be knowingly put at risk because Cumbria is sparsely populated.

Liberal Democrats are committed to sound financial management of our public services.  They are also committed to ensuring our NHS is properly funded (and to raising taxes where necessary to achieve this).

For a response to the details of each option presented, West Cumbria Liberal Democrats recommend the response of ‘West Cumbrians Voice for Healthcare’: http://www.cumbriansvoiceforhealth.com/

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